• Otovia Therapeutics

    Otovia Therapeutics

    Otovia Therapeutics was founded in January 2022, incubated by Fosun Health Capital, focusing on the development and application of gene therapy technology. The company is committed to delivering revolutionary treatment solutions for patients suffering from hearing loss. Collaborating with leading international auditory research centers, Otovia Therapeutics has established advanced platforms for AAV vector development, ultra-capacity gene delivery, and high-throughput regenerative target screening. Leveraging these cutting-edge research and development platforms, several precision medical products aimed at targeting genetic deafness are currently under development. The company's inaugural gene therapy product, OTOV-101, designed for DFNB9 deafness, began its IIT clinical trial in June 2023, demonstrating exceptional clinical efficacy. Remarkably, patients with congenital deafness experienced a miraculous restoration of their hearing post-treatment. The related clinical data were published in Advanced Science in January 2024, marking the world's first formal report on the clinical application of gene therapy for deafness.

  • Tianjin JuveStar Biology

    Tianjin JuveStar Biology

    Focus on Aesthetic Medicine field

    Tianjin JuveStar Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is invested and incubated by the fund focusing on the field of aesthetic medicine.

    In September 2020, JuveStar and Raziel Therapeutics from Israel reached the exclusive clinical development and commercialization rights for RZL012 in the Greater China Region. In addition, JuveStar is actively expanding its product pipeline.

  • Suzhou StarMab Biology

    Suzhou StarMab Biology

    an innovative biotechnology company dedicated to the development of anti-infective antibody drugs

    Starmab Biology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is jointly invested by the innovation drug research fund of Fosun Group and Yaopharma. The scientists and leadership team have a proven track record of innovation and successful drug development of therapeutic candidates from early discovery to commercial implementation.

    Starmab mainly focuses on infectious diseases which are high mortality, high healthcare costs and high unmet need,  and develops novel anti-infective antibody drugs against super drug-resistant bacteria, fungi and viruses seriously endangering public health. The Company’s mission is to introduce much needed innovations on antibody drugs to infectious disease treatment. 

    The R&D team used hybridoma technology and phage display technology to screen antibody molecules with anti-infective activity from immunized mice, alpaca or patients. And further develops antibody drugs for pre-emptive and post-infection therapy of the most serious infectious diseases.

    The antimicrobial product candidates are highly differentiated from conventional anti-infective drugs in mechanisms of action, and will be developed using clinical study designs that allow for clear demonstration of superiority over standard of care anti-infective drugs.

  • Suzhou Biomissile

    Suzhou Biomissile

    An biotechnology company focusing on innovative fully human bispecific nanobody.

    Suzhou Biomissile Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is founded by leading Chinese scientists with years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, especially in the development and production of antibody-based drugs.

    With the cutting edge discovery and optimization platform as well as multiple new macromolecule drugs under development, the pipeline currently focuses on tumor and autoimmunity, and the promotion of fully human bispecific nanobody. The main advantages of Biomissile is the early stage drug discovery with the innovative platform.